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David Mehre is a professional guitarist living in Malvern, Worcestershire, UK.

He grew up in Germany, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Music (jazz guitar) at the Mainz University of Music.
During that time he played as a sideman in many different bands as well as composing original swing music for his own quartet.
As part of JF May & Band he he won the second price at the 8. European Burghauser Nachwuchs-Jazzpreis 2016.
After spending three years out of Europe David decided to settle in England, where he is currently playing and teaching guitar.

Besides playing many different genres on half-acoustic and electric guitar, David's main focus is the acoustic guitar. He developed a distinctive flatpicking style that creates a full and clear sound. Within the last year he became a well known and sought after member of the European Bluegrass Scene.


Red Haired Boy, solo bluegrass guitar

Christoph Braun & David Mehre swing & groove medley


David is a professional musician teaching and playing guitar in Malvern and surrounding areas. He enjoys playing guitar for the last 20 years and tought many students of all ages and levels. Playing music is a source of happiness that he hopes to pass on through his lessons.

David teaches all styles of guitar including electric, half acoustic, acoustic guitar and mandolin. He can provide you with material (tabulatur and/or notation) for different subjects and levels, inlcluding songs, chords, scales, excercies and theory. David is fully qualified with a music degree and teaching credentials (Bachelor of Jazz Guitar, University of Music, Mainz).

David is passionate about playing the guitar and strives to pass that joy on to his students. If you are just beginning with the guitar or an advanced player looking for in depth knowledge of the instrument, he will guide and assist you on your musical journey. David will make sure that you will feel comfortable with the progress and enjoy playing music.

Please feel free to contact if you have any questions.

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David Mehre, guitar
David Mehre, guitar
David Mehre, guitar


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